The Building Academy

The Building Academy allows organisations across the built environment to share educational information with an online community of industry professionals.

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The Building Centre

The Building Centre is an independent forum dedicated to providing information and inspiration to all sectors of the built environment. The Centre, in Central London, is open to the public six days a week and offers a varied programme of educational talks, training courses and informative exhibitions aimed to educate and spark debate. As a hub for the UK's construction industry, many designers, manufacturers, industry charities and trade associations are proud to call The Building Centre their home. It is a place where you can meet others, develop knowledge and join the ongoing debate about the built environment.

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The Concrete Centre

The Concrete Centre is the central development organisation for the UK concrete industry. Our aim is to enable all those involved in the design, use and performance of concrete to realise the full potential of concrete. The Concrete Centre is part of the Mineral Products Association, the trade association for the aggregates, asphalt, cement, concrete, lime, mortar and silica sand industries.

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The Society of British and Internationl Design

The Society of British and International Design is the UK-based standard bearer organisation for the accreditation of professional interior designers, product suppliers and educational institutions. We work to strengthen the profession of interior design and the commercial success of our members.


Timber Trade Federation

TTF members span the wood and wood products supply chain. They are committed to sourcing their timber from legal and sustainable sources.


TIMSA (Thermal Insulation Manufacturers and Suppliers Association) represents all the major manufacturers and many of the suppliers and distributors in the UK thermal insulation industry.

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Treehouse Life

At Treehouse Life we don't just design, create or even construct tree houses. We offer the chance to discover new lands within your own world. Not only to dress-up and play 'lets pretend' but also to relax and enjoy every free minute that you have. This is what we do - we offer a chance to live a 'Treehouse' life.

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