Eco-Slab� is a unique patented insulated concrete formwork (ICF), which offers a modern method of construction for creating ground floor slabs suitable for dwellings and non-dwellings �It offers a simple 2 step process for casting a ground slab with an exceptionally low carbon foot print: �Embodied Carbon: 3.4kgs/m2 �Operational Carbon: Used in conjunction with other technologies Eco-Slab� can assist in achieving Zero Carbon � Eco-Slab� is manufactured from carbon enriched expanded polystyrene (EPS). It is a modular system consisting of 1m2 interlocking rafts and a thickened edge beam. The lap and ledge system gives enhanced U values capable of achieving values of 0.13 and provides a stable working base on which to lay the slab. The thickened beam edge of 200mm ensures zero lateral thermal leakage Manufactured in the UK by Jablite/ Styropak, part of the Synbra group of companies specializing in the manufacture of EPS Eco-Slab�

Energia Controls Limited

We pride ourselves in delivering bespoke engineering energy solutions for our long established, blue chip clients. We specialise in providing engineered BMS solutions, maintenance and energy management services for both the private and public sectors in both commerce and industry. We maintain close working relationships with our clients to understand their objectives, buildings, people and businesses. We also want you to understand the amazing benifits of specifing one of our bespoke Building Managment Systems and do this through effective communication, please contact us to find out more...

Energy Design Tools

EDT provide online SAP calculation tools for use by On Construction Domestic Energy Assessors (OCDEA). The tools include BRE approved SAP Calculators for SAP 2012 v9.92, SAP 2009 v9.90 and SAP 2005 v9.81 for the energy efficiency assessment of newly constructed dwellings. We work with approved accreditation schemes to enable accredited users in the UK to lodge EPCs using our software.

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