5. Construction Industry Overview - Government Influence

Government is a key influencer and driver for the British construction industry. This is because of legislation, initiatives and the targets it sets itself and the projects it commissions or...

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6. Construction Industry Overview � Drivers for Change

The construction industry is dynamic, with a number of drivers for change. These factors influence how decision makers’ needs are changing and the ways that the market will have to...

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A virtual tour

Take an animated virtual tour around our Lorient building

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By Lorient Polyproducts Ltd

Add a new SAP 2012 project

This video will give you an overview of how to add a new SAP 2012 project to Energy Design Tools. We will show you how to add data and complete the calculation, step by step.


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By Energy Design Tools

Advanced Performance Windows

Window energy ratings were first introduced into the building regulations in 2006, when Document L was updated. This gave window manufacturers the opportunity to show the window energy...

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