Lower Carbon Drive

The Building Centre
Apr 23rd 2013, 08:44

About this course

Lower Carbon Drive is a campaign to help businesses, professionals and the public reduce their carbon footprint through the way we use energy in buildings and their surroundings.

The initiative was originally set up in 2007 to help businesses, professionals and the public review the way we use energy in UK homes and their surroundings. A full scale model of a Victorian terrace was erected on Trafalgar Square showing how retro fitting measurements can save both energy and money. A smaller scale model has been kept on permanent exhibition at The Building Centre since 2009. The latest addition is the digital model of the house which you can view above.

Lower Carbon Drive is an edited, narrated, technical exhibition based on the themes of Energy, Ventilation, Insulation, Lighting, Waste & Recycling, Water & Drainage, Appliances.

About this publisher

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